Project Management

Management of the SSGCID is overseen by a Scientific Leadership Team comprised of the primary PI (from Seattle Children's Research Institute) and the PIs from the sub-contracting institutions (UCB, University of Washington, and Washington State University), with the assistance of an overall Program Manager and Site Managers at SCRI, UCB and UW (see the SSGCID management structure and organizational chart).

Activities within the SSGCID project are divided into seven teams distributed between the four sites:

  • Project Management Team
  • IT & Data Management Team
  • Target Selection Team
  • Cloning & Expression Testing Team
  • Protein Production Team
  • Crystallization Team
  • Data Collection & Structure Solution Team

An advisory board called the Scientific Working Group (SWG) makes recommendations on efficiently generating protein structures in a high throughput environment, and provides advice on the structural genomics needs of the scientific community.

An advisory board called the Target Selection Board (TSB) makes recommendations on hot targets to pursue and also approves targets selected internally by the SSGCID bioinformatics team for entry into the pipeline.

The members of the SWG and the TSB have been recruited from among eminent scientists outside of the SSGCID and include members that provide a broad geographical and domain representation of the relevant scientific community. They represent individuals from industry and academic institutions in the US and Europe, as well as developing countries that face a disproportionate burden from infectious disease.

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